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Burn More Calories and Light Up Your Life! Nutrition and Fitness skills for busy people seeking weight loss, strength and inspiration. Know exactly how to stay healthy with bite size tips that work with a life full of job and family demands. Coach Breanne Curran and her guest speakers keep you inspired and bring you tried and true skills that get you to lose fat, burn stress and enjoy life. Guest speakers are teachers, coaches and socially conscious business owners that are actively empowering communities to greatness.
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Jul 28, 2017
CLICK HERE to listen on  iTunes Okay, so I've been on a chocolate kick. Honestly I've always loved chocolate but this year I've really been digging the stuff. Most likely it's due to stress and massive life changes.  My husband and I  left our jobs and life in Seattle to focus on family and grow our own businesses. I immediately sought out my old comforts; yoga studio, juice bar, park for my dog, great coffee shop, bookstore and my daily chocolate!  Chocolate is a such a comfort, right?! (check out science at end of this post on why it keeps us calm and happy) Good thing I found a way to get my chocolate fix without getting chocolate wasted and packing on a muffin top! It's all thanks to Nib Mor, this sweet company (pun intended) that lets me indulge without undoing my workouts. (In fact it's helped me workout better!) Nib Mor is the chocolate brand that lets you "indulge mindfully" . This company knows how to stay healthy and happy, that's exactly how they began.   In fact the founder herself created this sweet solution after looking for ways to get more healthy and happy in her own life life.Ya gotta hear this story of how Heather K. Terry went from Broadway actress to health focused chocolatier! She for sure gets life changes + a need for healthy chocolate:) She even wrote a book about her journey; From Broadway to Wall Street, Cautionary Tales of an Unlikely Entrepreneur.        Nib Mor makes it totally possible for us busy, health seekers to indulge and enjoy while staying lean, strong and happy! I got Nib Mor's Melissa DeStefano, to join me for this podcast episode. She's got the goods on why we can totally enjoy their stuff and not undo our green smoothies and workouts that day. Hear How I can't wait for you to know all the greatness that Nib Mor has to offer you! CLICK PLAY below and enjoy:) Oh and for a little motivation to enjoy chocolate, here's some CACAO nutrition facts (read below) Also CLICK HERE for my freebie download! Packed with recipes and how to enjoy more chocolate without getting fat :) Go on, listen to the episode and share this awesome info! Friends don't let friends eat crappy chocolate  AWESOME CACAO FACTS
  1. It's the #1 antioxidant on the planet
  2. It keeps you lean and strong with high protein content, regulates blood sugar, naturally lifts your mood, supports weight loss and reduces appetite AND
  3. Protects your heart and helps improve your cardiovascular health.
  Here's what's exactly in CACAO that does all that crazy awesome stuff for you:
  • CHROMIUM:  which regulates blood sugar, detoxes the liver and cleanses your blood
  • PHENETHYLAMINE (PEA) : Bliss Chemical!! This is the adrenal related chemical that we produce when we fall in love. Also increases focus and alertness
  • ANANDAMINE: An endorphin that we naturally produce after exercise-- yup you can get endorphins from chocolate:)
  • COLUMARIN: Suppresses appetite, thins your blood and has anti-tumor properties
  • MAGNESIUM - Makes your muscles chill out and helps you sleep better! Seriously, this will up your performance game, whether that be running after your kids or crushing your workout tomorrow. Mg also improves your digestive system, relaxes your heart and boosts your cardio vascular health.
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