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Burn More Calories and Light Up Your Life! Nutrition and Fitness skills for busy people seeking weight loss, strength and inspiration. Know exactly how to stay healthy with bite size tips that work with a life full of job and family demands. Coach Breanne Curran and her guest speakers keep you inspired and bring you tried and true skills that get you to lose fat, burn stress and enjoy life. Guest speakers are teachers, coaches and socially conscious business owners that are actively empowering communities to greatness.
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Nov 11, 2017
This right here is your #1 trick to get what you most need, every day. Okay, so it's not a massage or a personal assistant.. but it is what the ONE thing that busy people are missing from their diets and TOTALLY need more of. GREENS! Specifically Dark Leafy Greens. Yeah, we can grab a green smoothie, or order a salad somewhere, but lets face it those juice bar smoothies add up (plus real food you chew is always better for you) AND most salads in restaurants are pretty sub par. Plus that get's boring, right! That's why I got super excited when I discovered KALE LOVE.  (MAKE SURE YOU SCROLL DOWN FOR YOUR SPECIAL DISCOUNT CODE) As you know KALE is king of the veggies KALE LOVE is snackable (super tasty) kale AKA "CHIP" that happens to have a bunch of other healthy stuff added to it and tastes freakin' fantastic! Here's why you gotta listen to this podcast episode I did with Robin Thompson, the creator and joint owner of KALE LOVE. She fills you in on
  • Why this stuff will drastically improve your everyday health
  • Why it tastes great
  • Why kids and not so healthy eaters love this stuff!
How could you not with choices like: Peanut butter, Spicy Notcho, Ranch, Vegan cheese & Ghost chile notcho- YUM!
  • Why they have the BEST ingredients
  • How to easily get a hold of this, anytime, anywhere
  • How Robin and Joe (Owners) went from addicts to healthy parents & prosperous business owners
  • How they are giving back in a huge way
This is a super inspirational story - In fact the local news in Seattle recently did a story on them CLICK HERE to watch the VIDEO BUT - back to you! Kale Love is your total fix to staying healthy and looking great! This stuff is bursting with health boosting goods.Best part is - the owners know all the farmers of every single ingredient they put into their chips. From the Sea Salt Harvester to the pepper grower. AND of course they put in that extra special "Nooch" - this is the stuff that gives you protein and tons of B vitamins we all need. Especially you Veg heads and Vegans:) CLICK HERE to learn more about Nooch Yup - pretty awesome.  Once I learned just how special this chips are- so special that I had to see them in person. Here's a quick vid from production kitchen in Seattle. SEE VIDEO BELOW I hope you thoroughly enjoy this podcast, there's an amazing story hidden in there. OOH! since this is just in time for Thanksgiving- make sure and order up some of these goodies - they are a great addition to basically anything at the Thanksgiving table
  • Appetizer tray
  • on top of baked squash or mashed potatoes
  • on salad- to add crunch and flavor (healthy croutons)
And of course they are a godsend when you are running errands and can't sit down for something healthy. Just put some in a baggie, head out the door and feel super smart:) They come in 6 flavors
  • Peanut Butter
  • Vegan "Cheez"
  • Ranch New
  • Spicy Notcho
  • San Juan Island Sea Salt
  • Ghost Chile Notcho
Just CLICK HERE to order up these goodies ALSO - it happens to be discounted just for YOU- when you order these chips- use the Promo Code: BURNBRIGHTER to get 10% off. Save Save Save Save Save Save
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