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Burn More Calories and Light Up Your Life! Nutrition and Fitness skills for busy people seeking weight loss, strength and inspiration. Know exactly how to stay healthy with bite size tips that work with a life full of job and family demands. Coach Breanne Curran and her guest speakers keep you inspired and bring you tried and true skills that get you to lose fat, burn stress and enjoy life. Guest speakers are teachers, coaches and socially conscious business owners that are actively empowering communities to greatness.
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Apr 7, 2017
Have you ever wanted to somehow give more?  But either the thought gets pushed to the side, or you end up waiting till some massive disaster happens? I totally used to do that. I'd think of volunteering at shelter during the holidays or think of donating to kids in need, but something always distracted me and once again I waited till some tragic event unfolded to help others in need. I really think we all want to serve more we just don't know how to immediately do so in a super easy way. Now we can! And get this you can actually give back when you buy great stuff you love Imagine buying a quality bag and knowing that some of your money is going to build a school for kids in an impoverished community. I mean we all love those FEED bags and TOM's - they look great and we know we've done something really good. How cool is that?! This episode fills you in on some super awesome up and coming companies that have amazing products I know you will love and feel good whenever you use them. What's even more exciting is that I've got tons of guests lined up that have amazing products that I know you are gonna find super useful and sometimes delicious. They are all hand picked to bring you stuff you can grab hold of daily, stay healthy, look amazing and feel great about how you are spending your hard earned cash! Listen up and stay tuned!!
Apr 6, 2017
You know those times when life just sucks. Say in one day you got fired, ripped your favorite expensive jeans and found out your kid broke his arm. (Or something like that) When crappy stuff happens, what happens to you? For many of us we slide backwards, all of a sudden we get way of track on all levels of life and can quickly become a hot mess. This podcast episode is all about how to keep from becoming a hot mess when life sucks. Literally! I've actually got the TWO TOP TACTICS from Todd Durkin one of the world's best coaches (NFL, olympic athletes, TV trainer & mastermind coach to Fortune 500 execs) I can't wait for you to check it out! This is game changing stuff from one of the most sought after coaches straight to you. So you can stay awesome everyday!
Feb 21, 2017
This Episode is all about one simple thing you can do every day that will make you enjoy life more. Not only that.. this one skill will make you smarter, leaner and way more popular with everyone around you. Listen to my podcast episode on Why you MUST Get out There! If you like being your greatest version of yourself, you gotta do this:) Also get a heads up to your next guest on Burn Brighter Podcast - it's pretty exciting!!  Took me months to get him   This  is all about PURPOSEFULLY changing things up. Turns out learning new stuff and getting out of our comfort holes not only improves our mood- but boosts brain health AND keeps you lean. Sometimes we dont' notice it, but we get totally stuck with our same 'ol stuff. This can be great, those daily comforts and predictable living.  I totally get that!  I must admit, I love my Sunday evenings at home flipping through magazines and watching a chic flick. But I also know how great I feel when I make myself get out of my comfy sunday sweats and meet up with a friend, or read a super informative book. I don't know about you, but I find as an adult.. this can be super hard!   To dump the comfort and do something different.   For the last couple months I've been forcing myself to meet 2 new people a week. It's funny really, I get nervous and almost back out repeatedly- but I've been swallowing my pride and stepping up to stranger's saying "Hey! I'm Breanne. I'm kinda new to town and would love to hang out sometime if you'd like" This totally surprises people, I am meeting some pretty cool people and I kicked my winter funk. In fact just yesterday as it poured outside, I sat with a woman from Sunday's yoga class at a great new juice bar and then headed to a matinee :) Now check out the episode above... it's super easy- just click on the PLAY button :)   Save Save
Feb 21, 2017
Oh man, how I love my morning coffee.  It's a ritual that brings me comfort as I step into my day. Is it actually doing my body good?  Turns out coffee can totally boost OR wreck your health. It all depends on how you take it Once I learned this it helped me keep this friend in my life. What a relief! Coffee's been like a trusted friend It's gotten me through road trips, late night study sessions and helped me make some of my best friends. I feel like my generation was groomed to love coffee (late 90's high school grads) I mean, who doesn't remember the show Friends and watching the gang at their home base, Central Perk   I must admit I never missed an episode of with Ross, Monica, Rachel, Chandler, Phoebe and Joey gripping giant mugs on that worn out couch. Basically coffee is a ritual, a trustworthy friend I can count on... OR Can I?! (Enter ominous music here) It's a common question and often misunderstood topis- Coffee. It is good or bad for us?   That's exactly why I created this podcast episode.  Listen up and learn how to keep your next cup from turning on you! Check it out! Press Play Above or CLICK HERE to hear it on iTunes   Save Save Save Save Save Save Save Save Save
Jan 3, 2017
Adults can suck at celebrating.  Turns out celebrating more is great for your slim waistline AND keeps your family happy. Listen Here to find out how celebrating can be super simple, inexpensive and keeps things exciting so you actually want to be getting in more exercise.  Best part is you'll sleep better and drop inches. Check it out!  Listen HERE
Dec 3, 2016
This is something I have noticed all highly successful, yet chill and centered people do.  I'm a big fan of asking people I admire where they get their cool stuff, whether this be shoes, hair or calm vibe! Over the years this is a common response I get from coaches when I ask them: "Hey how do you keep up with super hectic days without losing your shit?" The all inspiring Ms. Leah Zaccaria commented on this daily ritual in our last episode (Burn Brighter episode #5) This super simple skill has kept me both slim and sane over the years.  I gotta say when I skip it I feel waaay less slim and get super distracted. Can't wait for you to pick this up for more awesome days. Listen Here! on iTunes!  CLICK HERE to listen