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Burn More Calories and Light Up Your Life! Nutrition and Fitness skills for busy people seeking weight loss, strength and inspiration. Know exactly how to stay healthy with bite size tips that work with a life full of job and family demands. Coach Breanne Curran and her guest speakers keep you inspired and bring you tried and true skills that get you to lose fat, burn stress and enjoy life. Guest speakers are teachers, coaches and socially conscious business owners that are actively empowering communities to greatness.
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Nov 11, 2017
This right here is your #1 trick to get what you most need, every day. Okay, so it's not a massage or a personal assistant.. but it is what the ONE thing that busy people are missing from their diets and TOTALLY need more of. GREENS! Specifically Dark Leafy Greens. Yeah, we can grab a green smoothie, or order a salad somewhere, but lets face it those juice bar smoothies add up (plus real food you chew is always better for you) AND most salads in restaurants are pretty sub par. Plus that get's boring, right! That's why I got super excited when I discovered KALE LOVE.  (MAKE SURE YOU SCROLL DOWN FOR YOUR SPECIAL DISCOUNT CODE) As you know KALE is king of the veggies KALE LOVE is snackable (super tasty) kale AKA "CHIP" that happens to have a bunch of other healthy stuff added to it and tastes freakin' fantastic! Here's why you gotta listen to this podcast episode I did with Robin Thompson, the creator and joint owner of KALE LOVE. She fills you in on
  • Why this stuff will drastically improve your everyday health
  • Why it tastes great
  • Why kids and not so healthy eaters love this stuff!
How could you not with choices like: Peanut butter, Spicy Notcho, Ranch, Vegan cheese & Ghost chile notcho- YUM!
  • Why they have the BEST ingredients
  • How to easily get a hold of this, anytime, anywhere
  • How Robin and Joe (Owners) went from addicts to healthy parents & prosperous business owners
  • How they are giving back in a huge way
This is a super inspirational story - In fact the local news in Seattle recently did a story on them CLICK HERE to watch the VIDEO BUT - back to you! Kale Love is your total fix to staying healthy and looking great! This stuff is bursting with health boosting goods.Best part is - the owners know all the farmers of every single ingredient they put into their chips. From the Sea Salt Harvester to the pepper grower. AND of course they put in that extra special "Nooch" - this is the stuff that gives you protein and tons of B vitamins we all need. Especially you Veg heads and Vegans:) CLICK HERE to learn more about Nooch Yup - pretty awesome.  Once I learned just how special this chips are- so special that I had to see them in person. Here's a quick vid from production kitchen in Seattle. SEE VIDEO BELOW I hope you thoroughly enjoy this podcast, there's an amazing story hidden in there. OOH! since this is just in time for Thanksgiving- make sure and order up some of these goodies - they are a great addition to basically anything at the Thanksgiving table
  • Appetizer tray
  • on top of baked squash or mashed potatoes
  • on salad- to add crunch and flavor (healthy croutons)
And of course they are a godsend when you are running errands and can't sit down for something healthy. Just put some in a baggie, head out the door and feel super smart:) They come in 6 flavors
  • Peanut Butter
  • Vegan "Cheez"
  • Ranch New
  • Spicy Notcho
  • San Juan Island Sea Salt
  • Ghost Chile Notcho
Just CLICK HERE to order up these goodies ALSO - it happens to be discounted just for YOU- when you order these chips- use the Promo Code: BURNBRIGHTER to get 10% off. Save Save Save Save Save Save
Oct 3, 2017
This is literally your PERFECT Fall Treat!  But that's just a side effect of Coconut Oil Creations. Coconut Oil Creations are literally jars of goodness, packed with the top healthy stuff your body totally needs. Ya' know.. that uber healthy stuff you see at the fanciest juice bars and hippy cafes - Stuff like turmeric, ginger, cinnamon, coconut oil...

"Booster Foods!" as creator Debi Bryk calls them.

Debi, a holistic nutritionist & health educator,was looking for a super simple way to get the MOST healthy stuff into her life on a daily basis. She also wanted it to be delicious - which she totally nailed. She started sharing her creations with clients and now the world! As a busy working woman and mom to 4 kids she knows how much we all need this stuff and how hard it is to get it in us with busy lives. It's available ONLINE for you:) CLICK HERE   I love putting this creamy goodness in my morning coffee (makes it super creamy, frothy and little sweet without the cream and sugar!)   It's also great in tea, smoothies, I cook my eggs, fish and chicken with it. I've even started topping my nephew's pancakes with the Pumpkin Spice.   Doesn't that look sooo good! Basically this is a creamy spread that happens to be damn delicious. If you like things that are sweet, warm, nutty, with a little spice then you'll love coconut oil creations. Mostly you'll love it because it's a freakin' superhero to your bod on every level. CLICK HERE for full ingredient list and nutritional info    BENEFITS:  The coconut oil + super powerful spices do all THIS for YOU
  • Boosts Mood. Anti Depressant
  • Drives away brain fog . Improves cognitive function and heals brain synapses
  • Lowers Cholesterol
  • Burns Body Fat. Thermogenic properties
  • Keeps you from getting sick. Fights Cancer and Boosts Immune System
  • Gives you more energy. Improves gut/digestive health (which takes over 1/2 your daily energy)
  • Drops inches and body bloat
  • Drives away sugar cravings
  • Drives away joint pain and arthritis
  • Make workouts easier. Feel stronger, faster & more focused
  • Speeds Recovery. See faster results from workouts and decrease muscle soreness
  • Keeps you full longer
Pretty Great, Right! - Here's all the fancy words you wanna see that are in every jar. Those anti's you love seeing Anti inflammatory, Antioxidant, Antibacterial, Anticarcinogen, Anti-diabetic Basically, if you care about lowering your chances any scary disease (alzheimer's, heart disease, cancer, depression, mental illness, diabetes or arthritis) then you should be ALL over this episode! WAIT! One more thing to check out here. Debi's a pro on the whole ketogenic thing AND is great at making it super simple to understand why certain fats are not only great for us - but why you REALLY need them daily. Make sure and grab that info on this episode. Save Save Save Save Save Save Save Save Save Save
Aug 12, 2017
We all know yoga is good for us. We know we should stretch more, drop some stress and maybe stop feeling all jacked up. So why don't we do it more often? I mean it's very definition is:

Yoga: a system of exercises for mental and physical health     We need that pretty much every day! But there's no way most of us can fit in a yoga class more than twice a week. Here's a few of the 10 reasons I came up

1. Don't have enough time   It's hard to fit in a 60-90 minute class time. Then there's the time to get there as well as shower/ clean up time after. Could take up to 2-2.5 hours just to get in that yoga class. 2. Stinky and sweaty after  Yoga is typically in a warm to hot studio. Do you have time to fit in a class, go home shower and get on with your day like that? Many studios don't have showers (or just one shower)  Often I can't make a class simply because I can't figure out how to get my own stink off after. 3. Can't make the class times   Yeah there's a lot of times, but none of them work for you. 4. Don't know where to start  Yoga can look a super daunting to many of us. My lifter friends feel exactly this way. The thought of holding a position and not moving can make many Type A gym goers super anxious.

So what if we took away ALL the excuses?

What if you could do yoga anywhere, anytime for  just 5 minutes. No hassling with traffic, class times, showers, no chanting or expensive accessories, totally familiar movements where you can fart as much as you like and no one will judge you. Oh, you also can do it all for less than $10/month. Doesn't that sound way more doable? That is exactly why you MUST know about Jasyoga.  Jasyoga is online bite size (5-30 minutes) "practical yoga that helps you solve imbalances" stated by creator and owner, Erin Taylor. You may not be concerned about "imbalances" in your body. But you totally should. This is when you are tight, jacked up, achy, tired or god forbid.. injured. This all can wreck you big time, making you suck at daily life on every possible level. Erin knows just how gnarly imbalances can be and how crucial it is to keep the body in balance. As an injured college basketball player she knew she had to fix her body but needed something that was totally doable and practical for everyday busy life. This is how Jasyoga came to be. For the past ten years she's has been bringing Jasyoga to the masses; from College football teams, NBA players, Olympic Track Stars to the mom next door. After moving across the world and having a baby, she realizes just how important it is that anyone be able to quickly "hit reset" and find balance everyday. You've got to check out her amazing resources that you can grab hold of right now, from anywhere. That's exactly why she's on this Burn Brighter episode, so you can hear:
  • How she fits in yoga daily on super jam packed days as a full time mom (2 yr old), author & business owner on the go!
  • How she went from injured collegiate basketball player who hated yoga to the THE go to coach for athletes.
  • Why she's the non yogi's favorite yoga teacher
  • How her 2 books (Hit Reset and Work In) give you even more resources to feel better everyday and stay in your game
  • Why recovery is literally the #1 thing that will make you perform better (get faster, stronger & be more focused)
  • Why her simple approach and tactics have gotten her working with NBA players, Olympians & the neighbor lady.
  • Why even your most impatient and jacked up family member would love her stuff
  • How you can have the most stressy/packed day and still totally find balance for yourself.
You are getting so much game changing info and tools to start RIGHT NOW for FREE! Yup, you get One month of Jasyoga videos for FREE.  All you need is this code: BURNBRIGHTERRESET.  Just head to or CLICK HERE and enter that code to get FREE, totally doable yoga today! Make sure you use all caps

"Jasyoga is yoga for YOUR real life. We're here to help you use yoga to achieve your goals and become more balanced and resilient along the way." Erin Taylor

Doesn't that sound amazing?!

Now Hit Play to "Hit Reset" Right Now

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Jul 28, 2017
CLICK HERE to listen on  iTunes Okay, so I've been on a chocolate kick. Honestly I've always loved chocolate but this year I've really been digging the stuff. Most likely it's due to stress and massive life changes.  My husband and I  left our jobs and life in Seattle to focus on family and grow our own businesses. I immediately sought out my old comforts; yoga studio, juice bar, park for my dog, great coffee shop, bookstore and my daily chocolate!  Chocolate is a such a comfort, right?! (check out science at end of this post on why it keeps us calm and happy) Good thing I found a way to get my chocolate fix without getting chocolate wasted and packing on a muffin top! It's all thanks to Nib Mor, this sweet company (pun intended) that lets me indulge without undoing my workouts. (In fact it's helped me workout better!) Nib Mor is the chocolate brand that lets you "indulge mindfully" . This company knows how to stay healthy and happy, that's exactly how they began.   In fact the founder herself created this sweet solution after looking for ways to get more healthy and happy in her own life life.Ya gotta hear this story of how Heather K. Terry went from Broadway actress to health focused chocolatier! She for sure gets life changes + a need for healthy chocolate:) She even wrote a book about her journey; From Broadway to Wall Street, Cautionary Tales of an Unlikely Entrepreneur.        Nib Mor makes it totally possible for us busy, health seekers to indulge and enjoy while staying lean, strong and happy! I got Nib Mor's Melissa DeStefano, to join me for this podcast episode. She's got the goods on why we can totally enjoy their stuff and not undo our green smoothies and workouts that day. Hear How I can't wait for you to know all the greatness that Nib Mor has to offer you! CLICK PLAY below and enjoy:) Oh and for a little motivation to enjoy chocolate, here's some CACAO nutrition facts (read below) Also CLICK HERE for my freebie download! Packed with recipes and how to enjoy more chocolate without getting fat :) Go on, listen to the episode and share this awesome info! Friends don't let friends eat crappy chocolate  AWESOME CACAO FACTS
  1. It's the #1 antioxidant on the planet
  2. It keeps you lean and strong with high protein content, regulates blood sugar, naturally lifts your mood, supports weight loss and reduces appetite AND
  3. Protects your heart and helps improve your cardiovascular health.
  Here's what's exactly in CACAO that does all that crazy awesome stuff for you:
  • CHROMIUM:  which regulates blood sugar, detoxes the liver and cleanses your blood
  • PHENETHYLAMINE (PEA) : Bliss Chemical!! This is the adrenal related chemical that we produce when we fall in love. Also increases focus and alertness
  • ANANDAMINE: An endorphin that we naturally produce after exercise-- yup you can get endorphins from chocolate:)
  • COLUMARIN: Suppresses appetite, thins your blood and has anti-tumor properties
  • MAGNESIUM - Makes your muscles chill out and helps you sleep better! Seriously, this will up your performance game, whether that be running after your kids or crushing your workout tomorrow. Mg also improves your digestive system, relaxes your heart and boosts your cardio vascular health.
Save Save Save Save Save Save Save Save Save Save Save Save Save Save Save
Jun 29, 2017

Gluten Free, Dairy Free, Chock full of Omega 3's  & Deliciousness!

CLICK HERE for iTunes Would you love a muffin? What about a sandwich or a brownie? If you've got a picky body, this is like turning a knife in you.  Yeah, you'd love one... but OY,Vey! The aftermath. Not just the bloated belly and wanting to take a nap, but possibly revenge from your GI tract and a decent self mental lashing. Having a picky body bites. My body hates dairy, wheat and most grains. That means no pastries or desserts. Yeah, this isn't a huge deal, but man, it would be so nice to not spend hours making my own healthy options. Not to mention, I would love to actually eat a burger with a bun attached. Why are all the easy to grab foods, so bad for us! Good things some awesome companies are turning this around for us Like  Flax 4 Life!    

This family run bakery has changed the baked goods game.

They're serving up Gluten Free, Dairy Free baked goods bursting with omega 3's. What's even better is these babies are perfect for on the go lifestyles. All ya gotta do is Grab and GO

Only someone who really understands would create such a perfect option for us picky bodies. Boy do they get it, turns out these very products SAVED their family. They really do mean Flax "for life"

Kasondra Shippen, Flax4life Owner shares how

  • Everyday foods were killing her family
  • Changing her OWN daily diet got her to run her company and family better (she's got 5 kids!)
  • Everyone can benefit from cutting out wheat
  • They keep their goods tasting great while staying Gluten Free, Dairy Free and packed with nutrients.
  • These products are great for kid's! They love the taste and it's keeps their little bodies and brains super healthy.
  • YOU can get hold of and enjoy their healthy baked goods right now!
  • Their single packs keep you indulging mindfully
  • They are paying it forward big time
And this stuff tastes good! I love the blueberry and carrot raisin muffins, they've made it super easy for me to get in a good breakfast or afternoon snack when I'm on the road. OH! and they just started carrying cakes! So perfect for health conscious parents. I'm totally ordering one for my nephew's birthday party. Check out the other goodies:)     Gluten Free, Flax cake! email them to grab one:) Limited right now         Granola, soo good as a dry snack or for breakfast with goat yogurt or almond mil   Muffins! I love these with a smear of almond butter           The blueberries are specially harvest by a local farmer, ONLY for Flax4Life!             Finally, we get our buns back!       I love these with some vanilla coconut ice cream, YUM!   Let know what you and your family thinks of these goods. Come back and leave a comment! Save Save Save Save Save Save Save Save Save Save Save Save Save Save Save Save Save Save Save
May 18, 2017
Okay, so we know we gotta eat healthy. But it's hard on the go- right? When you're navigating your busy day it's much easier to grab something from a coffee shop or quickie mart. It's done and ready to go, no waiting.  I totally get that! While those fill our hangry bodies, we pay the price later.  That gassy belly, bloat, the crash that gets you nodding off at your keyboard and of course our overall health. There's simply nothing good in most quick grab foods. You work hard for your body and deserve great stuff! Stuff that keeps you doing more, so you can be better. Ya' know what does that? High quality vegetables, proteins and healthy fats. That's why I got super excited when I found Evergreens. Evergreens is a super quick salad bar chain located in Seattle.

If you're not in Seattle, don't get bummed!!

I made you a super handy guide so you can still get your best salad on busy days! CLICK HERE

Now that you have a great resource, ya gotta check out this episode! Evergreens was started by two dudes who were living crazy busy lives in New York, looking to stay healthy daily. They know that efficiency is everything to high performers. That's why they've done everything they can to speed up service while giving you amazing quality foods. Look at these beautiful bowls!   In fact I thought you'd love to hear from the owner himself, so I got him to join me on this podcast episode of Burn Brighter.     Evergreens Owner, Todd Fishman fills you in on
  • How you can cash in on their nutrient packed salads, bowls and wraps
  • How Evergreens keep salads exciting, nothing to yawn about here
  • The quality of their ingredients and why you can trust them
  • The risky journey of leaving a high paying corporate job to follow his passion
  • His 3 top tips on how he stays healthy every day while growing a business and a family ( new dad!)
Enough reading.. let's get to the episode! Just scroll down and hit play   Save Save Save Save Save Save Save Save
May 15, 2017
"I mean, I am BUSY!" I heard this from at least 20 different clients last week. And they are right! They are authors, professors, public speakers, parents, community leaders... basically great people doing kick ass stuff daily. Of course all that ass kicking work, means sometimes they forget about themselves. That's why I yelled "YESS!" at my iPhone (startling the couple next to me at my favorite coffee shop) Buried in Instagram, I had just found the answer to my clients' (and my own) biggest daily struggle. How to get healthy foods in their busy bodies, without slowing them down. It's called mēle. It's pronounced MEAL and basically it's a super healthy meal on the go. It's so on the go, you don't need to sit down, use utensils or even chew. It's a meal replacement shake chock full of all the great stuff humans need to stay healthy, especially High Performing, Uber Busy Humans! As a Nutrition Specialist, Health Coach and Personal Trainer I'd love it if we could all sit down to a beautiful salmon and veg scramble after our morning workout OR take a leisurely lunch at the park with an awesome salad brimming with beets, arugula, spinach, avocado and turkey. But let's get real! That's sooo not gonna happen. You've got stuff to do, lots of it!  Work, deadlines, errands, sprint to school pick up, walk the dog, pay the bills, get that thing fixed on your car, return those emails, make that flight, show up for tonight's event, find clean underwear and socks for tomorrow, buy laundry detergent- screw that just buy new socks and underwear... you don't have time to do laundry! So how the heck do you get those healthy meals in you, without totally falling behind in your day. That's the exact problem this busy New York Couple struggled with AND found a jaw dropping solution; mēle THE portable meal with all the healthy stuff you need without packing in the scary stuff that screws up your health. Say hello to Lauren and Adam Benbassat. Two people who know what it's like to maybe grab breakfast at your coffee stop, skip lunch (to meet that deadline ,  fit in a workout (if you're lucky) then totally crash and burn with hangry cravings at the end of the day. They set out to solve this. After hundreds of kitchen experiments and some pretty crazy combinations they found the answer. Try not to shout "YESS!" at your smart phone as you hear all about their brilliant creation, mēle

I can't wait for you to hear

  • Why you can totally trust their healthy ingredients
  • How mēle fills you up and boosts mental focus
  • How you get primo quality protein,veg & healthy fats (hello antioxidants & Omega 3's) in less than a minute
  • Why you can say sayonara to coffee shop pastries and "meh" lunches that waste time and energy.
  • How to take this anywhere with you. Travel, gym bag, conferences. No refrigeration required.
  • How Adam and Lauren use their powers for good. High Five to giving back to hungry people in need.
  • How you can get way more done, stay healthy and look fabulous:)
So, if you're juggling more fires than Kerry Washington (Scandal)  talking fast and making people walk with you just to get in a conversation. Stop the madness! Let's face it no one looks that good while living off wine and popcorn. Just plug in your headphones, hit play and get the goods. Save CLICK HERE to Listen on iTunes   Save Save Save Save Save Save Save Save Save Save Save Save Save Save Save Save Save Save
May 2, 2017
Okay!  So of course I love salad's. It's what healthy people eat, right?! We need those bowls of nutrient packed veg to keep us lean, healthy and strong. But they can get boring. Maaaan I hear that! So how the heck do we keep salad's exciting AND make sure we're getting what we really need? As busy people we gotta
  1. Hold ourselves over for at least 4 hours
  2. Get in those super powerful nutrients to stay on top of our game
  3. Feel good.. no gas or wanting to take a nap after
  4. Feed our hungry muscles
  5. Actually enjoy it - so we keep eating them and enjoy our salad moments.
Rather than make you do a bunch of reading, I set you up with a handy podcast episode. This way you peel yourself from your computer, take a stroll, get some chores done or learn something great while you sit in traffic:) So go ahead and treat your ears to how to make the best salad.  OH!  Stay tuned... I've got a special guest joining next week who owns a chain of salad shops! All ya gotta do is stop in and leave the work up to them. I love this place, their ingredients and everything they're about - Get on my email list, if you're not already and I'll deliver that episode right to your inbox when it releases! All ya gotta do is fill out the sign up form on any page on my site:) OK - back to today's goods! Find my fav salad dressings below - store bought and homemade

#1 Homemade

Creamy, Zesty Asian dressing ¼ cup hemp or flax oil 3 tbsp raw honey 1 jalapeno- ½ and de-seeded 10 tbsp orange juice ( bout 2 small juice oranges squeezed out) ¾ small avocado (5 tbsp) juice of 2 limes 2 tsp grated ginger water to consistency Combine all elements and mix in a blender till creamy.  Enjoy on any salad. Lasts  up to 3 weeks in the fridge  

#2 Homemade

Honey Dijon Dressing 2 tbsp stoneground dijon mustard 2 tbsp raw honey 1/4 cup olive oil 3 tbsp cold water 1 tbsp apple cider vinegar 1 clove garlic 2 tbsp minced ginger Directions: Put all Ingredients in a blender, mix well and enjoy:)  

TWO best tasty store bought salad dressings

I love both these.  They are everything healthy and delicious. Dairy Free, Sugar Free and Gluten Free. Enjoy! Just remember a little goes a long way:) [caption id="attachment_871" align="aligncenter" width="225"]Best Dairy Free Ranch! Best Dairy Free Ranch![/caption] [caption id="attachment_870" align="aligncenter" width="225"]Dressing Annies Best Healthy Thousand Island![/caption] Save Save Save Save
Apr 26, 2017
If you are like me, you love checking out what amazing people in the world are doing. Let's face it, we all wanna know the best stuff that keeps us doing great daily- right?! Isn't that why we love Pinterest, Instagram, Twitter? Seems that way to me - quick info that gives us awesome tips right?! One thing I love to do is check out what the game changers of the world are up to. I'm talking The Dalai Lama, Oprah, Tony Robbins, Arianna Huffington, Gwen Stefani, Marie Forleo _______________(enter your motivating leader here) This is one reason I love having guests on my podcast! It's so great to hear from people that are literally guiding thirsty souls (me included) to their better selves every darn day. So I got to thinking.. what do these great people all have in common? What's one thing they ALL do every darn day? The thing where if they skip it they struggle to stay at the top of their game. FOUND IT!  I recorded it for you on this episode:) That way you can keep up with all you need to do today and just listen (no need to put off those email, dog walk, commuting) Just hit play to hear what trigger the greatest people pull every day, to stay top of their game.
Apr 7, 2017
This podcast episode is all about the best water bottle ever. Sounds a little dry?  (pun intended) Think again. MiiR water bottles were born from the head of founder Bryan Pape after a near fatal skiing accident. You gotta hear how Bryan went from "Self indulgent douche bag"  to  purposeful entrepreneur that creates positive change on a daily basis.

Get this. Every time you buy one of these perfectly designed bottles, you help build a well or a water project in a 3rd world country.

You get this sweet bottle   


They get a better life

                It's what Bryan calls " Product to Project" What's jaw dropping is how many projects MiiR has created. Not just water, but building schools and donating bikes to communities so we can all do better daily!   Hit Play (Below)  to Learn 
  • Why these are the BEST designed bottle (fits your hand, one twist, stays cold and NO water beards)
  • How you pay it forward a new bottle, bike, bag, cup of coffee or even craft beer.
  • How you can check up on exactly what project your MiiR product is building.
  • How MiiR gets hands on and keeps connected with communities
  • How Bryan stays fit and healthy daily as a busy business owner, community activist and family man.
Save Save Save Save Save Save Save Save Save Save Save Save Save
Apr 7, 2017
Have you ever wanted to somehow give more?  But either the thought gets pushed to the side, or you end up waiting till some massive disaster happens? I totally used to do that. I'd think of volunteering at shelter during the holidays or think of donating to kids in need, but something always distracted me and once again I waited till some tragic event unfolded to help others in need. I really think we all want to serve more we just don't know how to immediately do so in a super easy way. Now we can! And get this you can actually give back when you buy great stuff you love Imagine buying a quality bag and knowing that some of your money is going to build a school for kids in an impoverished community. I mean we all love those FEED bags and TOM's - they look great and we know we've done something really good. How cool is that?! This episode fills you in on some super awesome up and coming companies that have amazing products I know you will love and feel good whenever you use them. What's even more exciting is that I've got tons of guests lined up that have amazing products that I know you are gonna find super useful and sometimes delicious. They are all hand picked to bring you stuff you can grab hold of daily, stay healthy, look amazing and feel great about how you are spending your hard earned cash! Listen up and stay tuned!!
Apr 6, 2017
You know those times when life just sucks. Say in one day you got fired, ripped your favorite expensive jeans and found out your kid broke his arm. (Or something like that) When crappy stuff happens, what happens to you? For many of us we slide backwards, all of a sudden we get way of track on all levels of life and can quickly become a hot mess. This podcast episode is all about how to keep from becoming a hot mess when life sucks. Literally! I've actually got the TWO TOP TACTICS from Todd Durkin one of the world's best coaches (NFL, olympic athletes, TV trainer & mastermind coach to Fortune 500 execs) I can't wait for you to check it out! This is game changing stuff from one of the most sought after coaches straight to you. So you can stay awesome everyday!
Mar 4, 2017
You know that amazing coach in an inspiring sports drama? Think of Rudy, Hoosiers, Gridiron Gang,  Rocky, Creed, The Blindside, (enter your fav tear jerking sports movie here)_________ I don't know about you but I am a sucker for that stuff.  The story of the struggling underdog overcoming obstacles in life and then making champions out of others. Wouldn't it be sweet if a world renowned coach showed up in your day and brought out your inner champion?! You get exactly that TODAY! I've got Todd Durkin on this week's episode! ( I almost peed my pants when he agreed to be a guest) Durkin IS that inspiring coach. He has made it his life's mission to " Inspire Greatness Everyday" to everyone. Ya gotta hear how Todd came from Jersey as the runt of 8 kids, overcame a crushing football injury to become one of the most inspiring coaches of all time. Holy Crap,  does he deliver He's like a freakin' lighthouse in the storm of life. Attracting common Joe's like you and I to Olympic Athletes and Multi Million Dollar Business owners. I mean this guy gets phone calls from Rocky himself! That's right, Sly Stallone asked Todd to be a coach on his NBC show STRONG ™. And Rightly So!  I mean this dude:
  • Coaches NFL Greats like Drew Brees and LaDainian Tomlinson
  • Writes Best Selling Books, Impact Body Plan and The WOW Book
  • Stands as Spokesman for Under Armour, TRX, Total Gym and Perform Better
  • Has appeared on 60 Minutes, ESPN, the NFL Network &  has been featured in Sports Illustrated, USA Today, Men’s Health, Men’s Fitness, ESPN the Magazine, Stack Magazine, the NY Times, Wall Street Journal, Washington Post, and many others.
  • Owns and Runs of of the "Top Gyms in America" Men's Health Magazine said that :)
  • Teaches others how to kick ass at his Mastermind Workshops. Companies like Under Armour, Gatorade, Bath and Body Works, Wells Fargo and more come to him
  • Mentors other coaches and travels worldwide to teach coaches ( LIKE ME) how to be stay inspired and be greater
  • Keeps an amazing family going with his wife and three kids
  • GIVES BACK! with his Durkin IMPACT Foundation that serves non privileged student athletes AND  donates to those affected by natural disasters and disease.
And these are just the tip of the iceberg of what Todd does. Click here to learn more about Todd

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Feb 21, 2017
This Episode is all about one simple thing you can do every day that will make you enjoy life more. Not only that.. this one skill will make you smarter, leaner and way more popular with everyone around you. Listen to my podcast episode on Why you MUST Get out There! If you like being your greatest version of yourself, you gotta do this:) Also get a heads up to your next guest on Burn Brighter Podcast - it's pretty exciting!!  Took me months to get him   This  is all about PURPOSEFULLY changing things up. Turns out learning new stuff and getting out of our comfort holes not only improves our mood- but boosts brain health AND keeps you lean. Sometimes we dont' notice it, but we get totally stuck with our same 'ol stuff. This can be great, those daily comforts and predictable living.  I totally get that!  I must admit, I love my Sunday evenings at home flipping through magazines and watching a chic flick. But I also know how great I feel when I make myself get out of my comfy sunday sweats and meet up with a friend, or read a super informative book. I don't know about you, but I find as an adult.. this can be super hard!   To dump the comfort and do something different.   For the last couple months I've been forcing myself to meet 2 new people a week. It's funny really, I get nervous and almost back out repeatedly- but I've been swallowing my pride and stepping up to stranger's saying "Hey! I'm Breanne. I'm kinda new to town and would love to hang out sometime if you'd like" This totally surprises people, I am meeting some pretty cool people and I kicked my winter funk. In fact just yesterday as it poured outside, I sat with a woman from Sunday's yoga class at a great new juice bar and then headed to a matinee :) Now check out the episode above... it's super easy- just click on the PLAY button :)   Save Save
Feb 21, 2017
Oh man, how I love my morning coffee.  It's a ritual that brings me comfort as I step into my day. Is it actually doing my body good?  Turns out coffee can totally boost OR wreck your health. It all depends on how you take it Once I learned this it helped me keep this friend in my life. What a relief! Coffee's been like a trusted friend It's gotten me through road trips, late night study sessions and helped me make some of my best friends. I feel like my generation was groomed to love coffee (late 90's high school grads) I mean, who doesn't remember the show Friends and watching the gang at their home base, Central Perk   I must admit I never missed an episode of with Ross, Monica, Rachel, Chandler, Phoebe and Joey gripping giant mugs on that worn out couch. Basically coffee is a ritual, a trustworthy friend I can count on... OR Can I?! (Enter ominous music here) It's a common question and often misunderstood topis- Coffee. It is good or bad for us?   That's exactly why I created this podcast episode.  Listen up and learn how to keep your next cup from turning on you! Check it out! Press Play Above or CLICK HERE to hear it on iTunes   Save Save Save Save Save Save Save Save Save
Jan 29, 2017

If you're into stories about how people walk away from crazy success to improve their health and happiness.. and end up freakin' nailing it, then you'll love this episode with JL Chiemingo

Check out how this award winning news producer walked away from it to completely transform her life and inspire others to do the same.

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JL Chiemingo left her high stress job as producer in San Francisco (and she was winning awards for her work at the time!) to transform her life on all levels.

And holy crap did she do it!  JL not only improved her personal life and became a mother, she also became one of the most sought after yoga teachers in Seattle as well as a

  • Lululemon Ambassador
  • Director of Yoga at hauteyoga Queen Anne 
  • Wanderlust Teacher

Her classes were jam packed and often you had to sign up a day before.  People were hooked after one class..

I was one of those people. Her inspirational music, strong moves and simple themes in each class carried us to a place we never imagined.. drenched in sweat and smiling from ear to ear.

I can't wait for you to hear how this strong woman's words of inspiration

On this episode you will hear

  • How changing her career made her a mother
  • How she stays inspired daily
  • How yoga made her a better runner
  • Why anyone can walk away a super successful job to regain their health and happiness
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Jan 24, 2017
We all could use a little boost, right?   Something to help us feel excited about life. Since it's hard to simply "be positive"  and " feel great" I love plugging into great people in the world that get me there.  I'm a huge fan of inspirational podcasts and books, heck even TV shows that keep my head up. Lately I've been enjoying Friday Night Lights. It's been around for awhile, but If you haven't seen it- I highly recommend you do some Netflix Binging on that one:) The head football coach even has a great mantra for the team "Clear eyes, full hearts"  How great is that!! Anyhow, I know we all need some fresh ideas on keeping our inner Eeyore at bay, so I thought I'd share how I stay Inspired daily, as well as some great resources for you! This is a great preview to my next guest.  I'm so excited to bring her to you!  You will fo'sure find her story inspirational and she'll definitely kick Eeyore to the curb for you. On iTunes as well!   CLICK HERE to check out past great episodes  
Jan 14, 2017
You can get more power at any moment by tapping into this one simple and free tool! Your Breath! Listen to exactly how it can literally make you more powerful, stronger, leaner and even chill you out, so you can stop stressing and enjoy life.
Jan 3, 2017
Adults can suck at celebrating.  Turns out celebrating more is great for your slim waistline AND keeps your family happy. Listen Here to find out how celebrating can be super simple, inexpensive and keeps things exciting so you actually want to be getting in more exercise.  Best part is you'll sleep better and drop inches. Check it out!  Listen HERE