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Burn More Calories and Light Up Your Life! Nutrition and Fitness skills for busy people seeking weight loss, strength and inspiration. Know exactly how to stay healthy with bite size tips that work with a life full of job and family demands. Coach Breanne Curran and her guest speakers keep you inspired and bring you tried and true skills that get you to lose fat, burn stress and enjoy life. Guest speakers are teachers, coaches and socially conscious business owners that are actively empowering communities to greatness.
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Apr 26, 2017
If you are like me, you love checking out what amazing people in the world are doing. Let's face it, we all wanna know the best stuff that keeps us doing great daily- right?! Isn't that why we love Pinterest, Instagram, Twitter? Seems that way to me - quick info that gives us awesome tips right?! One thing I love to do is check out what the game changers of the world are up to. I'm talking The Dalai Lama, Oprah, Tony Robbins, Arianna Huffington, Gwen Stefani, Marie Forleo _______________(enter your motivating leader here) This is one reason I love having guests on my podcast! It's so great to hear from people that are literally guiding thirsty souls (me included) to their better selves every darn day. So I got to thinking.. what do these great people all have in common? What's one thing they ALL do every darn day? The thing where if they skip it they struggle to stay at the top of their game. FOUND IT!  I recorded it for you on this episode:) That way you can keep up with all you need to do today and just listen (no need to put off those email, dog walk, commuting) Just hit play to hear what trigger the greatest people pull every day, to stay top of their game.
Apr 7, 2017
This podcast episode is all about the best water bottle ever. Sounds a little dry?  (pun intended) Think again. MiiR water bottles were born from the head of founder Bryan Pape after a near fatal skiing accident. You gotta hear how Bryan went from "Self indulgent douche bag"  to  purposeful entrepreneur that creates positive change on a daily basis.

Get this. Every time you buy one of these perfectly designed bottles, you help build a well or a water project in a 3rd world country.

You get this sweet bottle   


They get a better life

                It's what Bryan calls " Product to Project" What's jaw dropping is how many projects MiiR has created. Not just water, but building schools and donating bikes to communities so we can all do better daily!   Hit Play (Below)  to Learn 
  • Why these are the BEST designed bottle (fits your hand, one twist, stays cold and NO water beards)
  • How you pay it forward a new bottle, bike, bag, cup of coffee or even craft beer.
  • How you can check up on exactly what project your MiiR product is building.
  • How MiiR gets hands on and keeps connected with communities
  • How Bryan stays fit and healthy daily as a busy business owner, community activist and family man.
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Apr 7, 2017
Have you ever wanted to somehow give more?  But either the thought gets pushed to the side, or you end up waiting till some massive disaster happens? I totally used to do that. I'd think of volunteering at shelter during the holidays or think of donating to kids in need, but something always distracted me and once again I waited till some tragic event unfolded to help others in need. I really think we all want to serve more we just don't know how to immediately do so in a super easy way. Now we can! And get this you can actually give back when you buy great stuff you love Imagine buying a quality bag and knowing that some of your money is going to build a school for kids in an impoverished community. I mean we all love those FEED bags and TOM's - they look great and we know we've done something really good. How cool is that?! This episode fills you in on some super awesome up and coming companies that have amazing products I know you will love and feel good whenever you use them. What's even more exciting is that I've got tons of guests lined up that have amazing products that I know you are gonna find super useful and sometimes delicious. They are all hand picked to bring you stuff you can grab hold of daily, stay healthy, look amazing and feel great about how you are spending your hard earned cash! Listen up and stay tuned!!
Apr 6, 2017
You know those times when life just sucks. Say in one day you got fired, ripped your favorite expensive jeans and found out your kid broke his arm. (Or something like that) When crappy stuff happens, what happens to you? For many of us we slide backwards, all of a sudden we get way of track on all levels of life and can quickly become a hot mess. This podcast episode is all about how to keep from becoming a hot mess when life sucks. Literally! I've actually got the TWO TOP TACTICS from Todd Durkin one of the world's best coaches (NFL, olympic athletes, TV trainer & mastermind coach to Fortune 500 execs) I can't wait for you to check it out! This is game changing stuff from one of the most sought after coaches straight to you. So you can stay awesome everyday!