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Burn More Calories and Light Up Your Life! Nutrition and Fitness skills for busy people seeking weight loss, strength and inspiration. Know exactly how to stay healthy with bite size tips that work with a life full of job and family demands. Coach Breanne Curran and her guest speakers keep you inspired and bring you tried and true skills that get you to lose fat, burn stress and enjoy life. Guest speakers are teachers, coaches and socially conscious business owners that are actively empowering communities to greatness.
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Jan 29, 2017

If you're into stories about how people walk away from crazy success to improve their health and happiness.. and end up freakin' nailing it, then you'll love this episode with JL Chiemingo

Check out how this award winning news producer walked away from it to completely transform her life and inspire others to do the same.

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JL Chiemingo left her high stress job as producer in San Francisco (and she was winning awards for her work at the time!) to transform her life on all levels.

And holy crap did she do it!  JL not only improved her personal life and became a mother, she also became one of the most sought after yoga teachers in Seattle as well as a

  • Lululemon Ambassador
  • Director of Yoga at hauteyoga Queen Anne 
  • Wanderlust Teacher

Her classes were jam packed and often you had to sign up a day before.  People were hooked after one class..

I was one of those people. Her inspirational music, strong moves and simple themes in each class carried us to a place we never imagined.. drenched in sweat and smiling from ear to ear.

I can't wait for you to hear how this strong woman's words of inspiration

On this episode you will hear

  • How changing her career made her a mother
  • How she stays inspired daily
  • How yoga made her a better runner
  • Why anyone can walk away a super successful job to regain their health and happiness
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Jan 24, 2017
We all could use a little boost, right?   Something to help us feel excited about life. Since it's hard to simply "be positive"  and " feel great" I love plugging into great people in the world that get me there.  I'm a huge fan of inspirational podcasts and books, heck even TV shows that keep my head up. Lately I've been enjoying Friday Night Lights. It's been around for awhile, but If you haven't seen it- I highly recommend you do some Netflix Binging on that one:) The head football coach even has a great mantra for the team "Clear eyes, full hearts"  How great is that!! Anyhow, I know we all need some fresh ideas on keeping our inner Eeyore at bay, so I thought I'd share how I stay Inspired daily, as well as some great resources for you! This is a great preview to my next guest.  I'm so excited to bring her to you!  You will fo'sure find her story inspirational and she'll definitely kick Eeyore to the curb for you. On iTunes as well!   CLICK HERE to check out past great episodes  
Jan 14, 2017
You can get more power at any moment by tapping into this one simple and free tool! Your Breath! Listen to exactly how it can literally make you more powerful, stronger, leaner and even chill you out, so you can stop stressing and enjoy life.
Jan 3, 2017
Adults can suck at celebrating.  Turns out celebrating more is great for your slim waistline AND keeps your family happy. Listen Here to find out how celebrating can be super simple, inexpensive and keeps things exciting so you actually want to be getting in more exercise.  Best part is you'll sleep better and drop inches. Check it out!  Listen HERE